Woodbury Civil have a strong and well-earned reputation for high-quality industrial and residential subdivision development across all local council areas in the Hunter Valley.

We have worked successfully with a variety of developers all of whom have provided positive feedback and repeat business. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and this is exemplified in each of our projects. A strong emphasis on our core values of safety, honesty and quality mean we provide our customers with the best service for their industrial and residential subdivision development projects.

One stop shop for industrial and residential subdivision development

We handle all aspects of your subdivision development with minimal use of subcontractors. You can trust us to take full responsibility for the whole project.

On time and budget

We understand delivering your project on time and within budget is critical, and your success is our highest priority.

Highest quality

As a QMS certified company with over 60 years of experience providing construction & development services to government, industry and private sector clients, we do it right the first time, every time.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are the pillars of our business. Our clients value our commitment to communication and care throughout the completion of their projects.


Earthworks are an essential part of the majority of subdivision developments and form the foundations of the project. With this in mind it can be appreciated how important it is to carry out this work to the highest of quality to ensure the quality for the rest of the development. Our expertise allows us to achieve this quality and lay the solid foundations for your project upon which the other elements can be constructed such as roads and buildings.

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Road Construction

We have constructed a wide variety of pavement designs using a wide variety of materials across all LGA’s in the Hunter Valley. Our experience in this area is invaluable as it not only allows us to successfully construct a quality road but also contribute and value add to the design process. We have earned a strong reputation of building high quality, durable roads that stand the test of time and will continue to strive to uphold that reputation on every project we are involved with.

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Water and Sewer Infrastructure

We are accredited with Hunter Water and Central Coast Council which allows us to construct water and sewer mains on all our subdivision projects. This ability to keep these works in-house allows us to guarantee quality workmanship at a competitive price for our clients. Our strong relationship with Hunter Water and its inspectors is an example of our quality workmanship.

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Stormwater Drainage Systems

Arguably the most important aspect of a subdivision is the management of storm water and the installation of the drainage systems. This allows the road pavements to stay water free and ensure long term durability and quality. Our experience and aptitude in this area is second to none and we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship we deliver in this area which includes reinforced concrete pipes, box culverts, open channels, gully pits, kerb inlet pits, gross pollutant traps and onsite detention pits.

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